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Time to Clean Your Wood Stove Catalytic Converter

Nov 6, 2007- Wise Heat

If your stove is showing signs of poor draft when the damper is closed, it may be time to clean your stove's catalytic converter.

Maybe you forgot to clean it at the end of last Winter. The converter can periodically get plugged up with fly ash, which cuts down on your stove's draw. If your stove heats your space the whole winter, the stove should be cleaned at least two times a season. It's an easy chore, but you have to shut down the stove to let it cool. The catalyst is very fragile in most stoves and should be handled carefully. Use a gently blast of air to clean it and you're good to go.

Time to Clean Your Wood Stove Catalytic Converter
Comment posted by Scotty "R" on November 02, 2010
My converter needs cleaning more often than twice a year......Honestly I wish that I never purchased a catalytic system. I told the salesman that I preffered not to go with that type of system, but wound up with it anyway.
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Just finished cleaning my stove
Comment posted by Jwalk on November 06, 2007
My Intrepid II heats my house about 95% of the time and usually requires two cleanings a season. Just finished cleaning mine.
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