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Tax Credit for Wood Stove Buyers in Oregon

Dec 7, 2007- Wise Heat

A new law in Oregon went into effect Dec. 1, 2007, offering up to a $300 tax credit for buyers of clean burning certified wood and pellet stoves.

Buyers may qualify for the tax credit under Oregon's effort to promote renewable energy. The State classifies wood, wind, and solar energy as renewable energy because these energies are not derived from oil, coal, or natural gas.

Fuel tax credits for qualified stoves are $10 for a cord of wood or a ton of wood pellets. If you're looking to buy 6-10 cords of wood this winter, the credit could offset some of the higher pricing going on for wood and pellets. And with heating oil roughly $1 higher than a year ago in Oregon, the tax credit could really help out if you're in the market to buy a new clean burning stove.

Do other States and/ or Provinces in Canada have similar tax credits available? Comment below.

Tax Credit for Wood Stove Buyers in Oregon
Comment posted by on December 31, 2009
We purchased a Blaze King wood stove the first week of November. I filled out the form for the $300 state tax credit and sent it to Salem. How long does it take to get funds, or do we get them after taxes are filed ?
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Tax Credit for Wood Stove Buyers in Oregon
Comment posted by on December 21, 2008
How do I get the tax credit? Do I need to apply for it before I purchase a stove?
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