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New Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guide

Jul 31, 2013- Wise Heat

New Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guide Biomass harvesting in Michigan

The State of Michigan has developed a document called "Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidance." It's an 18 page outline and guide that should help reduce environmental risks associated with energy harvests. The content was developed by a team of experts from industry, universities, non-government groups and key public agencies. It is available on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website.

The Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidance is designed to be used in concert with the Sustainable Soil and Water Quality Practices on Forest Land manual (from the Michigan DNR), which describes practices for a range of resource protection. The guide is also compatible with forest certification requirements.

The guide advises biomass retention of a sixth to a third of the residues from timber harvest spread across the harvest site. If the site has little woody debris to begin with or if the site is particularly nutrient-poor, then leaving more biomass on the ground is recommended.

Biomass harvesting should be avoided in certain special conservation areas, unless the removal may enhance the management objectives. Leaf layers, stumps and roots should be left. Large woody pieces should be left. Some of the standing dead trees and cull trees should be retained, when possible.

The guide cites additional recommendations for several specific situations, such as riparian zones, storm-damaged sites, exotic species and others.

The Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidance is part of a package designed to help ensure the protection of forest resources. Other states, such as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania have similar guidelines.

Download file: woody_biomass_guide.pdf
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New Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guide
Comment posted by the milkman on July 08, 2018
american energy customer service stinks . any part that breaks down. a fairly new part. is the customers fault and they give a hard time about replacing expensive parts . they rarely answer the phone i would not buy anything from them there a big rip off..
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New Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guide
Comment posted by Dave Miller on December 18, 2016
We all know that concerns for the environment are a big issue and I'm glad the state of Michigan have put this together. I just hope that the fed continue the Biomass Tax Credit in 2017, as this is a great initiative : helping people to stay away from fossil fuels and actually offering incentive's for people to do so.
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New Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guide
Comment posted by on October 01, 2016
Bought my harman stove in 07.Ran fine until last year.After burner froze up .Tried for a month to get service in indiana. They would not return my call (the stove shop).Went to showroom and was told they would call in week . Never did . Finally called manufacturer , they had the stove shop call me.They came banged on after burner to loosen and charged 100 dollars.Have same problem this year ...
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New Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guide
Comment posted by Connie on November 20, 2014
We have a Franco Belge Oil Stove #59660 (Meriville) We are in need of parts #188705 (5) #199302 (5) #188709 (5) The European suppliers will not send any of the glass parts that we need. Are there any USA suppliers?
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New Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guide
Comment posted by clb344 on January 22, 2014
Last year, we purchased a Upland Nu-tech 207 Pellet Stove. We bought it mostly as a back-up for our electric assisted heat pump. Last week in Indiana, we had a blizzard with -17 temps., 30 mph winds and 12 inches of snow. Then we lost power for 14 hrs. We are so glad we had our stove. We ran the stove off of a car battery and I cooked a large pot of soup on the top of the stove. It was nice ...
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