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New Heating Fuel Price Comparison Calculator

Mar 15, 2008- Wise Heat

Use this new fuel comparison calculator, provided by the U.S. Engergy Information Administration, to calculate costs for different stove fuels.

Calculating fuel costs and the potential savings of pellet, wood, or corn fuel is a moving target. Heating oil, natural gas, and electricity are all on the rise, and so are these biomass fuels. This new calculator from the EIA can be used to enter current prices you’re seeing in your area for comparison among traditional heating fuels. The calculator is a MS Excel file that includes all the major fuel types, including prices and fuel heat content per unit in BTUs.

Users can quickly enter their local prices for electricity, natural gas, propane, wood, pellets, corn, kerosene, and coal. The program provides the calculations and includes BTU output for units of each fuel type.

Download file: heatcalc.xls
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Heating Cost Comparisions, Firewood, Gas, Electric, Etc
Comment posted by Chipper LLC Tree Service on January 10, 2010
I found this fuel price comparison calculator useful, especially the efficiency of an electric air-source heat pump. Hope you don't mind I linked this page to my website at Thanks!
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New Heating Fuel Price Comparison Calculator
Comment posted by Mike Walsh on April 17, 2008
Thank you for linking to this program. I was looking around for a good calculator like this to use and couldn't find this one until I landed on your site.
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