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Maine Company First to Bulk Deliver Wood Pellets for Pellet Boiler Heating Systems

Nov 13, 2008- Wise Heat

Maine Company First to Bulk Deliver Wood Pellets for Pellet Boiler Heating Systems

According to Maine Energy Systems, LLC (MESys) of Bethel, Maine, the company is the first in the United States to bulk deliver wood pellets to residential customers with auto fired pellet burning central heating systems:

October 15, 2008, marks the first day a commercial entity bulk delivered wood pellets to residential customers for use in automatic central heating systems fired with wood pellets.

MESys is also one of the first companies in the U.S. to develop a pellet burning central heating system, based on Swedish pellet burner technology. MESys recently joined forces with Bosch Thermotechnologies, Inc., an international producer of high efficiency residential and industrial heating equipment and the exclusive distributor of Sweden's Janfire pellet burner in the United States.

MESys has named its system as the MESys 4000-6000 Series Wood Pellet Boiler, which is really two units coupled into one—the Janfire pellet burner and the boiler made by Bosch. The burner has an automatic auger-feed system, automatic self-cleaning feature, and in the event of power loss, the capability to rapidly restart itself when the power is restored. Reportedly, the Janfire burner requires cleaning and maintenance every six months. Other than that the system is fully automated.

In Maine, the MESys boiler is approved for use with approved chimneys used for oil furnaces, and both the Janfire burner and the Bosch boiler are ASME-certified and UL-approved.

Who delivers bulk pea coal in Southern Maine?
Comment posted by realsister on December 27, 2008
I have a beautiful Franco Belge coal stove and a large coal bin in my garage. I am trying to find someone who has a truck with a chute who will deliver a couple of tons of pea coal. The people who used to deliver are no longer in business. Please advise. Thanks so much.
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can you help me???
Comment posted by on December 08, 2008
hello i sell kuma stoves and franco belge products. but i have no idea how to get any information on either. as far as fixing and replacing parts and even installation we are in the dark. do you know how i can contact the manufacturer or can you help? thanks a bunch, dan @ allied washoe heating and petroleum
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