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Heating Stove Collection is Growing at Wise Heat

Nov 19, 2007- Wise Heat

Wise Heat is a new review and comment site for freestanding biofuel stoves (wood, pellet, corn, multifuel, and oil/ biodiesel).

Look for additional product information and articles to be added in the future. Browse around the site. Itís rather new, but Iím adding stoves and articles to it all the time.

The format includes the description of stoves from manufacturers together with a comment and review form for people to ask questions, note experiences with the stoves, etc. Use the comment form to describe to others why youíre looking at a particular stove. What interests you about it? I encourage you to use the site to strike up conversations about the stoves that interest you. If you donít see the stove youíre looking at, contact Wise Heat and Iíll make a point to add it to the collection.

With little other than what the manufacturer supplies as far as information about their products, thereís not a lot to go on unless youíre inclined to sift through forums searching for the information you need. Only a small percentage of people heat their homes with a biomass stove, so you canít really get at the specifics you need unless you can talk to someone who has one. This is the main reason behind the creation of Wise Heat. If you talk to your dealer, chances are they only carry a few lines of stoves that you might only be mildly interested in. Wise Heat is a site where hopefully most if not all the available stoves will be available to you.

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