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Heated Air Circulation and Freestanding Stoves

Dec 3, 2007- Wise Heat

Reducing the amount of heat you rely on from your standard forced air furnace requires moving heated air from your solitary wood, pellet or corn stove to circulate to as many areas of the home as possible.

The trickiest thing about installing your new freestanding stove may be deciding where to put it in the first place. Single story small homes like mine are no doubt easier to heat with a stove than other larger homes with sprawling or multiple story floor plans. My stove is in the basement, and I haven't had any difficulty moving air from their upstairs.

In my house, I keep my forced air furnace on a low setting. I've tried using the furnace fan to circulate air, but the cost to run it adds up, so I use a couple of fans, one mounted at the top of my basement stairwell. I move air up the stairwell and into an area off my kitchen and then use a ceiling fan in the dining room that pulls the air into the dining and living rooms.

I usually do this early while the stove is heating up. Once the stove has been going awhile, usually 4-5 hours and the heat dissipation has leveled off, I either turn off the fans or set them on the low setting. It's amazing how the heat is distributed so evenly, especially after I get the air moving with the fans and the temperature starts to equalize.

My house is a single story sears craftsman house built in 1925. It’s only 2000 square feet, so heating it hasn't been a problem. I find that the air circulation I’ve been able to achieve is pretty remarkable.

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