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Fiber By-Products Releases New Wood Pellets

Oct 30, 2007- Wise Heat

White Pigeon, MI - Fiber By-Products Corp., a green processor of waste wood, has released its new ProPellet pellets for wood stoves.

According to the company, ProPellet, which is tested monthly by a certified laboratory, consists of 100% wood. It features a heat output of 8,300 BTUs per pound and a 4.35% moisture rate. For more information on the wood pellets, contact Fiber By-Products at (269) 483-0066 or visit

Pellets burn to hot
Comment posted by David on November 25, 2013
Bought a couple ton from TSC in Hastings. They are a low ash product but they burn so hot on the lowest feed setting that my stove did an automatic shut down from over heating. I see problems in the future.
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Fiber By-Products Releases New Wood Pellets
Comment posted by on March 08, 2013
Do you deliver? If so, how much do you have to buy .
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