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Heating Stove Tips

Tips for using heating stoves, from wood stoves to oil stoves, including advice about how to operate and use efficiently.

Choose a Catalytic Wood Stove and Save Money in the Long Run

With the high price of heating oil and electricity in many places, a lot of people are considering buying a wood stove. A good bet is to go with an EPA Phase II catalytic stove.

Removing Ashes from Your Stove and Rekindling a Fire

Tips for how to handle the ash that accumulates in the firebox and how to rekindle a fire from hot coals.

List of EPA Certified Non-Catalytic and Catalytic Wood Stoves from March 2008

If you're wondering which stoves in use or on the market in the United States are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), download the agency's most recent update to its List of EPA Certified Wood Stoves.

Heated Air Circulation and Freestanding Stoves

Reducing the amount of heat you rely on from your standard forced air furnace requires moving heated air from your solitary wood, pellet or corn stove to circulate to as many areas of the home as possible.

Time to Clean Your Wood Stove Catalytic Converter

If your stove is showing signs of poor draft when the damper is closed, it may be time to clean your stove's catalytic converter.

Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves

Catalytic and Non-Catalytic refers to the two methods employed in new stoves to keep them running clean and efficiently.

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