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Do It Yourself

Content relating to do it yourself projects and equipment for developing home grown heating methods using alternative fuels.

New Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guide

The State of Michigan has developed a document called "Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidance." It's an 18 page outline and guide that should help reduce environmental risks associated with energy harvests. The content was developed by a team of experts from industry, universities, non-government groups and key public agencies. It is available on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website.

Removing Ashes from Your Stove and Rekindling a Fire

Tips for how to handle the ash that accumulates in the firebox and how to rekindle a fire from hot coals.

Heated Air Circulation and Freestanding Stoves

Reducing the amount of heat you rely on from your standard forced air furnace requires moving heated air from your solitary wood, pellet or corn stove to circulate to as many areas of the home as possible.

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