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New Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guide

The State of Michigan has developed a document called "Michigan Woody Biomass Harvesting Guidance." It's an 18 page outline and guide that should help reduce environmental risks associated with energy harvests. The content was developed by a team of experts from industry, universities, non-government groups and key public agencies. It is available on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) website.

New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission Changes Rebate Program for Residential Bulk-Fed Wood-Pellet Central Boilers and Furnaces

The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NH-PUC) has announced improvements in its rebate program for furnaces and wood pellet boilers during the early part of this summer and considered the inclusion of central heating systems that are installed outdoors.

One Billion kWh of Energy from Public Service Wood-Fired Boiler

Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) has surpassed a significant milestone in clean power production, producing its one billionth kWh of energy.

Federal Tax Incentives for Biomass Stoves

Homeowners can get tax credits for installing efficient biomass stoves. Check with your local dealer. Stoves need to be certified to be at least 75% efficient. Take 30% off the purchase/ installation price up to $1,500 max.

Maine Company First to Bulk Deliver Wood Pellets for Pellet Boiler Heating Systems

According to Maine Energy Systems, LLC (MESys) of Bethel, Maine, the company is the first in the United States to bulk deliver wood pellets to residential customers with auto fired pellet burning central heating systems:

Choose a Catalytic Wood Stove and Save Money in the Long Run

With the high price of heating oil and electricity in many places, a lot of people are considering buying a wood stove. A good bet is to go with an EPA Phase II catalytic stove.

Removing Ashes from Your Stove and Rekindling a Fire

Tips for how to handle the ash that accumulates in the firebox and how to rekindle a fire from hot coals.

List of EPA Certified Non-Catalytic and Catalytic Wood Stoves from March 2008

If you're wondering which stoves in use or on the market in the United States are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), download the agency's most recent update to its List of EPA Certified Wood Stoves.

Biomass 2008 Workshop Dates Set

This year's Biomass '08 Technical Workshop: Power, Fuels, and Chemicals is set for July 15-16, 2008 at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

New Heating Fuel Price Comparison Calculator

Use this new fuel comparison calculator, provided by the U.S. Engergy Information Administration, to calculate costs for different stove fuels.

Fahrenheit Technologies Introduces Endurance Biomass Furnace

Holland, MI - Fahrenheit Technologies Inc. recently released its newest biomass furnace - The Endurance 50F.

Burning Pelletized Grass in a Pellet Stove

There has yet to be a serious attempt by pellet stove manufacturers to design stoves better adapted to high ash fuels such as pelletized grass.

Tax Credit for Wood Stove Buyers in Oregon

A new law in Oregon went into effect Dec. 1, 2007, offering up to a $300 tax credit for buyers of clean burning certified wood and pellet stoves.

Heated Air Circulation and Freestanding Stoves

Reducing the amount of heat you rely on from your standard forced air furnace requires moving heated air from your solitary wood, pellet or corn stove to circulate to as many areas of the home as possible.

Heating Stove Collection is Growing at Wise Heat

Wise Heat is a new review and comment site for freestanding biofuel stoves (wood, pellet, corn, multifuel, and oil/ biodiesel).

Time to Clean Your Wood Stove Catalytic Converter

If your stove is showing signs of poor draft when the damper is closed, it may be time to clean your stove's catalytic converter.

Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves

Catalytic and Non-Catalytic refers to the two methods employed in new stoves to keep them running clean and efficiently.

Fiber By-Products Releases New Wood Pellets

White Pigeon, MI - Fiber By-Products Corp., a green processor of waste wood, has released its new ProPellet pellets for wood stoves.

Making Intense Heat

Mark Freeman started Kuma Stoves Inc. in the back of his pickup. A quarter-century later, Freeman says he expects the Hayden, Idaho-based wood- and oil-stove manufacturing company to continue to grow at a "slow, but comfortable" pace, with revenue this year projected at about $1 million.

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