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Golden Grain Model 3101

Golden Grain Model 3101

The model 3101 is Golden Grain’s largest corn stove, really a commercial grade portable heating system with a BTU input range of 15,000 to 170,000 BTUs. The system provides a standard hopper that will hold 150 lbs of corn or an optional larger hopper that will hold 300 lbs. Complete with two augers that can be run individually or simultaneously. The weight, dimensions, and main features of the Model 3101 are as follows:

  • 24" wide x 43" deep x 36" tall
  • System weighs 419 lbs with standard hopper
  • Feed Rate: 2.0 lbs/hr low; 18 lbs/hr max
  • Flue size: 5" Type L, PL, or CB double wall vent pipe

All of the Golden Grain corn stoves, including the Model 3101, are equipped with an automatic shut down cycle, which is initiated if the fire goes out or if the stove overheats. All models have positive exhaust systems, making it possible for them to be vented horizontally through an exterior wall. A large circulating blower to maximize heat output turns on automatically only when there is heated air to circulate.

The Golden Grain auger feed system is designed to allow cob pieces and spikes up to 1" in size to pass through without jamming. Window air wash system helps keep the ceramic glass viewing windows clean. All stoves have built-in wipers and clean-outs, which make it easy to maintain high effiency for many years of operation.

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Golden Grain Model 3101
Reviewed and rated by Farmengr on December 27, 2015

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Wouldn't have anything else, and so safe to operate. Have a 5" stainless flex flue 10' long prior to hitting the 6" plastic flue that goes down thru floor, out frost wall, then up 20' of 6" sch 40 pvc. The stainless allows me to knock the exhaust temp from about 270F to about 90F, adding to its efficiency. Have used wood pellets, corn, milo, wheat & mixed birdseed.
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