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Bixby Energy UBB Ugly Black Box

Bixby Energy UBB Ugly Black Box

From Bixby Energy
Efficient, economic performance Now our incredibly efficient, patent-pending technology is available in a larger, more powerful stove that's perfect for the garage or workshop and can reduce your fuel cost by up to 70%.

The Bixby UBB Stove can be installed to either heat individual rooms or to provide heat through the central venting system as a supplement to the existing furnace with a supplemental kit.

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Bixby Energy UBB Ugly Black Box
Reviewed and rated by Elyon on October 06, 2012

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Efficiency: Rating: 1 Star - Very poor

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We bought this while a new dealer had opened up in town. Well, they left town, and now the closest dealer is in vermont!!! We emailed the company, and it has been 3weeksand still no reply has come. Poor customer service. When stove is working right, it is a great stove. But buy local from a dealer that has sold pellet stoves for a long time, that way you will have help.
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Bixby Energy Maxfire

Bixby Energy Maxfire

THe Bixby Maxfire is a corn/ multifuel stove that will burn kernel corn, engineered pellets, and standard wood pellets. Heat output from 8,000 to 50,000 BTU.

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