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Stoves manufactured by Jotul.

    Jotul F 602 CB

Jotul F 602 CB 101935 views since 03/20/08

Smallest Cast Iron woodstove on the market with fully functional cookplate.

    Jotul F500 Oslo

Jotul F500 Oslo 95584 views since 12/7/11

The F500 Oslo is one of Jotul's large non-catalytic clean burn wood stoves. Offers front and side-loading, close installation clearances and many other of Jotul's features.

    Jotul F 400 Castine

Jotul F 400 Castine 94606 views since 07/8/08

One of Jotul's all cast iron medium-sized stoves. Outputs up to 55,000 BTUs and is rated to heat up to 1,600 square feet.

    Jotul F 3 CB

Jotul F 3 CB 80408 views since 12/6/11

Jotul claims the F 3 CB is the best selling small cast iron woodstove in North America. Low venting height, optional short leg kit, and open door fire viewing makes the Jotul F 3 CB the perfect hearth stove.

    Jotul Rangeley F 50 TL

Jotul Rangeley F 50 TL 45646 views since 03/11/11

A top loading wood stove from Jotul, the Rangeley is manufactured to provide up 70,000 BTU output and a heating capacity of 2,000 sqft.

    Jotul F 100 Nordic QT

Jotul F 100 Nordic QT 28687 views since 12/6/11

The Nordic QT is an ideal heater for small cabins, camps & small living areas. Has one of the largest fire viewing areas for cast iron woodstoves of this size.