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Harman Stove Company pellet stoves or wood stoves are listed here.

    Harman XXV

Harman XXV 110907 views since 02/29/08

The Harman 25th anniversary pellet stove, featuring automatic ignition and temperature control and 50,000 BTU output.

    Harman P68

Harman P68 90258 views since 12/7/11

The largest of Harman's P-Series pellet stoves, the P68 is a workhorse with precison temperature control and operation. Harman's best-selling stove.

    Harman Accentra

Harman Accentra 79082 views since 12/6/11

The Accentra is among the quietest stoves on the market, engineered with enlarged convection air passageways and rubber mounted fans and motors to reduce noise.

    Harman Advance

Harman Advance 73708 views since 06/3/08

Provides automatic operation. Set the desired temperature and the stove will automatically ignite the pellet fuel inside. Burns from 0 to 48,000 BTU/ hr.

    Harman P38 Plus

Harman P38 Plus 73322 views since 12/7/11

From the small end of Harman's P-Series pellet stove line, the P38 Plus includes all of the features of the P-Series stoves with the exception of auto ignition. Harman's only stove with manual ignition.