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Breckwell pellet stoves.

    Breckwell Big E Utility Furnace and Home Heater

Breckwell Big E Utility Furnace and Home Heater 52489 views since 03/13/07

The Big E features a 55,000 max BTU output and a 140 lb. hopper capacity.

    Breckwell P2000FS

Breckwell P2000FS 35240 views since 03/13/07

The P2000FS will burn up to 70 hours and has a 50,000 max BTU output. The stove has a 300 lb. shipping weight.

    Breckwell P2700FS

Breckwell P2700FS 30260 views since 03/13/07

Large three sided bay window with a low profile and power of up to 46,000 BTUs.

    Breckwell P24FS

Breckwell P24FS 25771 views since 03/14/07

Features a 60 hour burn time, 50,000 BTU output, and a 60 lb. hopper capacity.

    Breckwell Classic Cast

Breckwell Classic Cast 20812 views since 03/14/07

42,000 max BTU output and 8" tube heat exchange system, as well as many other features.

    Breckwell P23FSL

Breckwell P23FSL 17929 views since 03/14/07

45,000 max BTU output, a 3" flue outlet, and a 55 lb. hopper all in heavy steel construction.

    Breckwell P22FS

Breckwell P22FS 17776 views since 03/14/07

Max output of 40,000 BTUs with up to a 45 hour burn time and a shipping weight of 185 lbs.